Sustainable Architecture

1. Design to minimise the ecological footprint of the product/material/service product, i.e. reduce resource consumption, including energy and water.

The house shown in the video built in San Francisco, has been built to minimise the ecological footprint produced by the house, by using the resources more efficiently and effectively. this can be demonstrated with special features in the house such as the ‘fully automated lighting’ which can help help ensure that lighting isn’t left on or wasted.

2. Design to harness solar income (sun, wind, water or sea power) rather than use non renewable nature capital such as fossil fuels.

The house is equipped to use  solar power to generate electricity and hot water, by re heating the water by using a high efficiency boiler to produce heat to warm the under floor heating.  The bathrooms are fitted with high efficiency products to minimise the amount of water used on a daily basis.

3. Design to engender maximum benefits to the intended audience and to educate the client and the user and thereby create a more equable future

The home is fully automated which helps to increase its sustainability. This helps to inform the user/client how much energy they are using, what is on or off and enables the user to change the environment around them just by touching a button. It also allows the client to choose ho much natural light and how much heat gain is allowed to enter the house. This allows the house to warm up during the winter, and cool down during the summer.

4. Design to use locally available materials and resources wherever possible (thinking globally but acting locally).

When deciding what companies to work with on the project, a mixture of local crafts people and bigger global companies so that they were able to use locally sourced materials while still using well designed and  good quality products.


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