Task 3 – Little Greene Paint Research

Colour - RGB

Brief:  Create Roughs for an Eco Paints Container This could be in a tin, eco plastic pack, tetrapack, folded waxed cardboard or otherwise) for ‘Little Greene’ Paints Ltd in your layout pads (or sketches which then go on your blogs) that will use recycled or natural materials only.

First Step…

2 types of paint – water based paint, oil based paints.

Main ingredients of paint: Pigments, Binders, Solvents and other additives

What size? I think I want to design a tester paint pot more then a big tub, as i feel that currently they have a lot of wasted material

Needs to be suitable for online or by store purchase

Audience: ethical consumers

Looking at existing tester pots and came across this image…

Brush with grey paint

Chalk paint?  Chalk Paint® is eco-friendly too. It contains extremely low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and has no odour

One the chalk paint website is says that the pot ” is best sealed with furniture wax, although you can seal it with other protectants” this led me to think that maybe it would be better for my to use a type of wax rather then a glue.

Eco Wax/Soy Wax:  soy wax typically has a lower melting point than traditional waxes so uses less energy or heat to melt and use.

This then led me into looking at other eco friendly materials that may be a bit more unusual or not used as widely… (http://shine.yahoo.com/healthy-living/9-eco-friendly-materials-easily-start-using-today-142300496.html) which included bamboo and cork, recycled glass.

Glass bottles? Large amount of bottles and glass jars are used on a regular basis in the home environment and are also recycled to > tin cans > soup cans



Thought about making a patter on a wrap around the tin so people could create their own light holder. Problems arose when I realised that people would need to have access to a nail, hammer etc. and also the pot then couldn’t be half used as you wouldn’t be able to put the tin lid back on.

Up cycling glass jars : http://www.pinterest.com/dreamsunderfoot/diy-101-ways-to-upcycle-glass-jars-and-bottles/


Make a candle holder? as the user is probably using the paint to redecorate or redo a room, i felt that it might be nice for them to have something to make out of the packing so it has a secondary purpose.

Medical Packaging: Containing liquids that could be harmful if not used in the correct way ( safety caps etc). The bottle below have a reusable lid that just flips off and is pushed back on again easily. They are made of recyclable plastic and could be used several times as tester pots.


Packaging Liquids and Cosmetics: shampoo, conditioner, bathroom, liquid medicines, makeup etc


Less soft packing:  The idea is to use a packaging that is eco-friendly and can adopt variations in skin, so that it becomes easy to distinguish between soap and shampoo when we are all lathered up! The material used to make the bottle is “self-resolved corn starch vinyl”, and has suction cups to stick the bottle to the wall. The end of the product is then just squeezed and the liquid is dispersed from the bottom.

This then inspired me to look at including an brush or way to apply the paint to the wall. There are new make up products such as the one featured below that have a brush attached to the liquid foundation so that they can just brush the liquid on, maybe use the dame effect to apply paint to a wall…


Roll on deodorants also got me thinking about maybe a roll on feature to apply paint rather then a brush, the bottle would need to be turned upside down and the could be applied




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