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Use less raw materials to begin with: 

An Ecolean package weighs 50-60% less than a conventional liquid food carton package or bottle. The plastic used in a one litre Ecolean Air package weighs a mere 10 grams.

It weighs less then most standard liquid containers:

Reducing the amount of packaging material used, transported and disposed creates great gains in the whole product life cycle. Brand owners using lightweight packaging are not only reporting cost savings but also improved environmental profile.

Reduce raw material: using less material save on resources, lighter package

Save energy: lighter package saves energy

Less waste: saving fuel during distrabution. less waste produced means less visits from recycling companies

Screen shot 2013-12-28 at 12.00.21


The air-filled handle makes it easy to get a grip on and the spout makes it easy to pour, The flexible package allows you to get all the content out of the package, no matter if the product has high or low viscosity. That also reduces food waste. Once empty, the package is flat as an envelope. Imagine the space they won’t occupy in the bin and through the waste handling process.





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