Packaging Precedents


Simple and effective cardboard packaging: Little Greene Paint mail order

At Little Greene we have always been committed to the ongoing well-being and protection of the world environment and in 2004 we were one of the first UK paint manufacturers to achieve the European environmental standard BS EN ISO 14001. From big business decisions to the smallest everyday tasks, we continue to act positively and responsibly to minimise our ecological impact, without compromising our high quality standards.


I think that the paint tins should have a sample colour on the front of the tins are It ensures the customer that they are purchasing the colour which they require


I think this is the previous design they had for their paint. The combination of the map background and typeface implies the history and heritage of the company

Stylish & traditional labelling: Farrow & Ball

Farrow & Ball is an English manufacturer of paints, and wallpapers largely based upon historic colour palettes and archives.


Traditional Paint tin look. The band has a feature circle of the containers colour with a matching ribbon type affect around the middle


The logo is clearly displayed on the opposing side to the colour sample and the lines have been kept very clean with only the necessary information on to keep it de cluttered

On a mission: Rude Health foods

Rude Health foods have currently just undergone a new make over of all their products, changing there old brown paper bag packaging ideas into brighter more colourful alternatives to help promote the brands health credentials. These will be introduced to Waitrose stores in the next couple of months. rude-health-milks-07-13 rude-health-cereal-cop_421

Eco yet commercial: Ecotricity branding

The Ecotricity company helps to ‘turn electricity bills into windmills’ by using their customers’ energy bills to fund the building of new sources of Green Energy. The companies ‘look’ is designed to look like a hand drawn, natural and with a kind of sketch effect.


Heres a quick screen shot of the website. As you can see the company have managed to combine the use of eco energy and still created a good commercial brand


The company has installed the first solar powered freeway where cars are able to charge up free of charge from these new pumps featured in the image


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