Existing Paint Products


Safe Paint

Another historic paint formula with casein (milk protein) as a binder is used in SafePaint from the Old-Fashioned Milk Paint Company. Both organic and biodegradable, SafePaint is a zero-VOC, newly formulated milk paint designed for use on walls.  You use the amount of powder that you require and just add water to it and is 100% biodegradable.

YOLO Colourhouse

LEED Gold manufacturing facility
70% recycled plastic containers
100% post-consumer recycled labels with soy based inks
Poster-size sampling system reduces quart can waste
Displays made from renewable and recyclable materials

Labels: 100% PCR paper, printed with soy ink.
Paint containers: using Post-Consumer Recycled plastics



Lullaby Paints


The paint comes in a spouted pouch. There are quite a few reasons why this design is so effective. One, it’s easy to pour and doesn’t leave a mess of paint. Two, you can squeeze out the air when you are finished to keep paint fresh. Three, since the paint is eco-friendly you can just dispose of it normally and not deal with all the normal hassle!



Lullaby Paints come in spouted pouches that are only one-fifth of the weight of paint pots; they can be easily re-sealed and, after use, occupy less storage space

Environmentally Friendly Paints & Eco-Paints


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