Competitors Research

imagedisplay.aspBecause of their high quality finish, superb coverage and value for money, Spectrum Paints are recognised as industry standards, frequently recommended by architects, interior designers and decorating professionals alike.

”Founded by Arthur Sanderson in 1860, Sanderson is an internationally renowned brand in the field of interior design and decorating.  Its quintessentially English fabrics and wallpapers, bedlinen, paint and tableware collections offer classic, inspirational product, design innovation, exceptional quality and value for money” – Sanderson Website


single container packaging


examples of their packaging

Sally Bourne Interiors


Our paint tins are made using over 50% recycled steel and can be recycled again, and all our paperwork is printed on recycled or sustainably sourced paper. We are continually developing our packaging and warehousing procedures to increase the content of recycled and recyclable material and have achieved waste reduction of 57% in the last three years.

Marston & Langinger

The Marston & Langinger logo I think is really nice, and has a really nice composition. it also gives the feel of a very high quality paint company. You can tell this by the chosen fonts, and their use serif typeface gives a fluidity and class to the logo.

M&L England Logo

Below is a image of the company’s current design for their tins. As you can see there is a distinct circular sticker on the front of the tin to help the user establish what colour is inside. The soft introduction of a pattern that goes around the tin. I also like how the design can be edited to fit various shapes and sizes of pot, as this helps to establish a corporate identity.



Paint and Paper Library

imagedisplay 000023_shot_1

David Oliver has become known around the world as the creative director of Paint & Paper Library, finding commercial success with his range of Architectural Colours; a complementary colour-by-number system for ceiling, cornice, wall and woodwork, using chromatic colours of a similar tonal weight.

His easy to co-ordinate Architectural Colours have helped thousands of interior designers, decorators, architects, inspired amateurs, and passionate home owners, create a balance of colour and light on various interior elements of a room.

Fired Earth


Elements of Fire pots of paint


paint colour selections displayed on spoons to give homely feel


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