Client Meeting

Here are my notes from the client meeting:

– ‘Corporate Responsibility Charters’ (CRC) companies turing to green alternatives


About Edward Bulmer:

– interior designer of stately homes ( recently worked on Goodwoods)

– traditional houses so everything has to fit in with the existing house

– paint originally came from Germany ( Eglyer paint) made with minerals and linseed oil

– 50 colours altogether

– Main competitors are Farrow and Ball

– Main reasons for people to buy their paint:  historic, health, sympathetic to house and colour

– New paints from Sweden ( Recently Kenwood House, Theatre Royal)

– Company uses solvent based paints… water in plastic…. oil in metal

– lattering paint tins costs lots of money


– have a look at how to reduce carbon footprint

Importance of packaging – no insurance because people are rough with transporting of paint through transportation

– LITTLE GREENE packaging is very sturdy

– OSMO delivery

– need to take into account weight and how to carry it ( health and safety)

– make a universal container/ generic labelling

paints and papers: paints with tables of instructions

– considering incentives

– premium market expects metal containers

– logo can be resized/ added graphics CENTRY TYPEFACE


– Innocent smoothies packaging

– approx over 50% of users are decorators

– needs to be air tight

– sold in interior shops such as habitat, cargo

– see through plastic or glass not to be used as paint seperates

– cant dispose in landfill / not biodegradable

metal vs…. pros and cons (need reasons)

additional info – leaflets could be used

transportation/ carbon offsetting





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