Designs Development

2013-11-06 13.31.46

Idea 1

Aluminium laminated pouch with a sealed in spout and screw on cap with tamper evident seal. Spoutbags are suitable for liquids and save a lot of space during transport and on retails shelf in comparison to usual PET or glass bottles. They also have a self standing round bottom gusset so there is also no fear of them falling over on the retail shelving.

There is also a handle to help with support in carrying the the pouches and due to the fact that is is made of aluminium, its easy to recycle and and doesn’t require any additional materials to recycle and it can be reused a infinite amount of time.

2013-11-06 14.54.40

Idea 2

This design is similar to that of a existing pain tin shape, this is because i feel that the older market may have a issue if objects that they are used to or familiar with change too drastically. The materials made to use this pot is what makes it sustainable. The tin and lid are made from PCR plastics which means the plastic has already been used before, and the label is made from recycled paper and would either have bio degradable ink on such as a soy based ink, or would be stamped on  to with ink as this would also make it easier during  mass production.

2013-12-29 20.21.02

Idea 3

This idea uses a recycled glass jar and some yarn. The idea is to use the pot for its primary purpose, and then to wrap the yarn around the jar in a pattern of your choice, paint over it, remove the yarn and the jar then because a candle holder or decorative ornament that can be placed around the home. Glass jars normally have a crew top lid, but i feel that this would also work well in this design as it would be easy for the consumer to get multiple uses out of it. The label features a circular colour swap to indicate the colour contained in the jar.

2013-12-29 20.21.10

Idea 4

This idea uses a material that if widely available and is constantly recycled, tin cans. The tin would be given a lid made of recycled plastic so can be stored away after its first use. The wrap label would  simply need to be placed around the tin and stuck together with eco friendly glue. The rim colour of the wrap label would also help to indicate the paint colour. Its second use could also be turned into a tea light holder, pencil holder, desk tidier etc.

2013-12-29 20.21.33

Idea 5

When two of these containers are transported together, they would make a cube shape making it easier to package, wrap and transport. The top right hand corner will be a ‘cut here’ icon, allowing the consumer to cut the corner and pour. The required information would be located on any 4 of the other exterior sides.

Multiple container transportation method

2013-11-06 15.32.41

My idea for the transportation aspect of the design would be that the consumer would use the paint and then send it back to the company in Sweden that fills the pouches. The consumer would then receive the postage money back to them or would receive free postage on their next delivery. This would then create a incentive to recycling and reusing the packing as may times as possible as the quality would not diminish.

2013-11-06 16.16.52

3d visual from box

2013-11-06 16.16.35

packaging net for box idea

2013-11-06 16.39.19

incorporating idea into EB paints


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