Research Task – INCEPEN

First watch this quick intro video:

B. After watching the video, where do you stand on packaging in supermarkets? Is it a good thing or bad? Are there ways in which it could be improved (if ‘yes’ then how?)

I feel that it is a good think to help us make sure that our food is safe to eat and is still a good quality after being transported. However I feel that some of the other excessive packaging may not be needed or there are a lot of other sensible alternatives that could help companies to reduce the amount of waste packaging.

C. Do you know what you can recycle domestically after you’ve eaten/drank all those goods you (or family) buy from supermarkets? Does your council ‘offer-up’ options and if so then what are they?

My local area gives rewards to customers depending on how much material they recycle. They are given points or vouchers that they can use at local attractions or shops as a kind of voucher.–Spencer-shopping-vouchers.html


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