Example Packaging

I ordered some example packaging from the company Dakla Pack to have a look at some of the packaging options that I was considering to see if they were worth pursuing.

2013-11-10 13.41.44

rice paper bag

This is a small A5 size packaging made from rice paper. I was surprised at how sturdy it was and had very nice aesthetics.  The top of the packaging featured a resealable zip, and when pressure is applied it creates a seal, however I don’t feel that this would be suitable to contain any sort of liquid in purely because if any pressure was applied to the centre of the packaging it wouldn’t withstand the resistance.


2013-11-10 13.42.29

Overview of 2500 ml pouch

2013-11-10 13.42.54

close up of spout

This packaging is a 2500 ml aluminium pouch with a 10.6 mm spout. The packaging is laminated and are considered to be space savers in retail shops as they take up less shelf space. Also, due to the rounded bottom on the pouch there is no fear of them falling over on the retail shelf. The are also easier to transport as the packaging weighs less then normal tin paints, and the handles on the top corner ensure that it is easy for the consumer to transport as well.

2013-11-10 13.44.35

2500 ml pouch with 21.8mm spout

This is a image of the same size container (2500ml) as above, but the spout size is a lot larger. I feel this would be more appropriate then the small spout size as generally large quantities of paint are required for a single use and so a smaller spout would not seem suitable for this type of use.

2013-11-10 13.45.04

close up of handels for 2500 and 5000 ml pouches

2013-11-10 13.45.36

330 ml smaller pouch

I ordered this sample just to see what other sizes and pouch designs area available. This pouch is slightly bigger then most of those capri sun type containers.

2013-11-10 13.46.18

3 different sizes or pouches



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