CAT Reflective Question

1.    Had you heard of CAT before you came on the module? If ‘yes’ then please give an idea where you’d heard about them.

 No, I hadn’t heard of CAT before the module trip


2.   Please give your thoughts on the 3x most notable points raised in the sustainability lecture on site. For example it could be methods of reducing CO2 discussed, the varying views of the ‘future’ given the issues of oil and climate change or maybe the idea of ‘real worth’ with materials and artifacts (i.e. remember Jo explaining that one torch would appear to be the most sustainable but in practise another was simpler and more effective).

– I was thinking about using aluminum for the material of my paint pots and so was listening to the facts about how much energy it uses to make and to re cycle. Although it uses the most energy to produce, it also uses the least amount of energy to recycle so could counter act the environmental cost.

– The influence and trials of new renewable sources, which ones had turned out to be successful and which ones not at successful. The chart showing how much of our renewable energy comes from which sources allowed me to picture what might be the main sources in the future.

– To consider the practicalities of products more. Even if the design is good and fits the brief, will it still work practically or will the design hinder this.


3.   Please give your thoughts on the 3x most notable things picked-up while at CAT (i.e. it could be one of the specific exhibits seen, their self sufficiency with solar etc and/or maybe the clever use of materials with specific buildings to help reduce CO2 etc).

– The use of earth I had never really seen or thought people had used before. The lecture theatre in the CAT was not only aesthetically pleasing and you could also feel the heat benefit in the theatre.

– There was a particular exhibit about transportation, which informed people how they could use alternative methods of transport or have their current method could be made more environmentally friendly. These included things like switching to an electric car, driving smoother without any sudden changes in speed etc

– The simple things that the CAT had done to reduce their effect on the environment, such as harvesting rainwater to go into the river, energy efficient installation using straw and sheep’s wool and consideration of using materials to their best purpose


4.  Now you’ve had time to reflect, what 3x things gained from the CAT visit might you bring forward into your ideas and developments for the sustainable packaging brief?

– The pros and cons of aluminium/ plastic / tin

– Alternatives of cardboard packaging or advantages of cardboard

– To think about practicalities of a design as well as the graphical design element e.g. shape transportation, ergonomics, health and safety etc.


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