Moulded Pulp


Moulded Pulp Wine protector. This works well for this particular product as glass is a very fragile material that needs to have a firm protective layer during transportation


Aerobic and anaerobic degradation, most people consider biodegradable to mean that the material can be broken down into organic components.  Essentially, biodegradable materials can be returned to the environment for re-use as opposed to polluting the earth or increasing landfills for years, decades, or centuries.

Because molded pulp is made from natural cellulose fibers, it is inherently biodegradable and breaks down relatively quickly in standard landfills and compost piles.

100% Biodegradable:

So, aside from the obvious environmental benefits to using recycled materials, we also benefit from using a resource that has been recycled for decades and is in plentiful supply.   It’s biodegradable, sustainable, and subject to fewer international regulations.


moulded pulp is used to protect everyday objects during transport


According to Sustainable Packaging Alliance, packaging should meet the following four sustainability principles:

Effective – Provides social and economic benefits.
Efficient – Provides benefits by using materials, energy and water as efficiently as possible.
Cyclic – It will be recoverable through industrial or natural systems.
Safe – It is non-polluting and non-toxic.



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