Tetra Pak – Dream Cap

New lid designs for the beverage market:


DreamCap, an ergonomically designed closure specially for on-the-go consumption.

The cap’s high neck and its over-the-edge design offer the beverage consumer easy access to the spout and a comfortable fit to the face and lips.Tetra Pak also identified how people like to drink beverages while on-the-go. DreamCap’s large (26mm) opening and ridge to engage the lips allow consumers to drink in the way they prefer, with improved control of the liquid flow into the mouth


LightCap, designed to keep plastic use and cost to a minimum, making it particularly suited for larger-sized closures.

By using the minimal amount of plastic to keep costs at a minimum and improve environmental performance, it is particularly suited to larger-sized openings, which are easier to handle and pour from.


HeliCap, which combines one-step easy opening with distinctive tamper evidence.

Initially aimed at the drink-at-home market, provides a one-step screw cap that brings convenience and confidence to consumers by combining easy-to-open functionality with noticeable security features. HeliCap has a good grip, a clearly visible tamper evidence ring and concentrates a low opening force on the first turn of the cap


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