Fill Air

Fill Air® Inflatable void fill products expand on-site. A cubic foot of inflated cells, when deflated, will lose 99.3% of its volume. The deflated cells can be sent to any of a number of Sealed Air locations where they will be recycled back into LDPE.

less feasible option. This idea isn’t very environmentally friendly option for this specific brief but i think its a very clever idea. The concept that the foam rises up around the object helps to ensure that it fit the objects exact shape and needs.

Peanuts vs Air cushions


Air pillows can be reused by your customers. They shrink to just 1% of their original size when deflated for disposal. Our polyethylene film is easily recycled for zero net waste. And your lighter packages will take less fuel to ship, reducing emissions and making your shipping even greener.


You can also get bio degradable cushions that solves the issue of plastic not being the most eco friendly solution:

Biodegradable Air Filled Cushion Packaging Pillows Boxed-500x500

Opus Bio Biodegradable Cushions

Opus Bio film reduces plastic pollution and the volume of plastic going to landfill. When disposed of, Opus Bio film will biodegrade within 12 to 24 months leaving no toxic residues.

Opus Bio air cushions can be recycled in the existing plastic waste stream. The cushions can also be recycled in home or commercial composting facilities

‘82% of UK consumers prefer to purchase goods and services from companies that are socially and environmentally responsible’ –  Social Market Foundation

(below image was found in ‘ The Eco Design Handbook by Alastair Frad – Luke)
2013-12-07 20.28.42


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