Other Materials


Bamboo is currently starting to be using as a material for protection of high quality products because of its strength. Companies like DELL  have ‘pioneered the use of bamboo to protect certain devices. This giant member of the grass family, found in everything from food to flooring, is now also a sustainable packaging solution. We use it to cushion many of our lightweight products, including all laptops produced in China. ‘ The are using bamboo from the Forest Stewardship Council (SFC)  as it as the following properties: strong, renewable, promotes healthy soil, local to manufacturing sites, biodegradable, certified compostable.


DELL are now using bamboo to product their packaging as they get transported from China


Wheat straw:

Wheat straw is the leftover canes after the wheat grains are harvested and is treated mostly as waste. As such, in some countries (like China) farmers burn it, contributing to air pollution and creating a public health hazard. A Hong Kong based company, Innovasians, is offering a 100% biodegradable packaging and containers made from straw left overs, which are usually just wasted after wheat harvesting. The product is not just environmentally friendly. It is also flexible and durable for variety of use. The product is Microwave safe, Oven safe up +150°C, Handle Oil up to +250°C, Dishwasher safe and Re-usable.


Innovasians wheat straw packaging that is dish washable, compostable and reusable


Bio Plastic:

Bio-plastics behave in a similar way to conventional plastics and are suitable for most packaging applications. However, unlike finite oil based plastics which take millions of years to form and hundreds of years to degrade, they are annually renewable and suitable for commercial compost (nature’s way of recycling) within 12 weeks where facilities exist.Bioplastics are often designed so that they biodegrade or compost, aided by fungi, bacteria and enzymes.


large global companies are now switching to bio plastic bottles are they are lighter ands asker to transport

Plant Starch:

Plant Starch Material (PSM) is a flexible bio based packaging material which has not been refined into a bio-plastic. It is made from renewable crops like corn or potatoes. Plant Starch Material is made from a mix of 70% plant materials like corn, potatoes, and other vegetables and 30% fillers for strength and heat tolerance. The 30%  that isn’t plant starch unfortunately id strengtheners that are not compostable.

EP-S005Recycled Paper:

Recycled paper products contribute to the diversion of material from landfill and results in less land being given over to commercial forestry which can have a negative impact on biodiversity. Sustainable forest paper ensures that the forests from which the paper comes and managed so as not destroy the forest, to promote biodiversity and protect any indigenous peoples.


recycled paper pencils


making objects out of recycled paper



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