Peer Assessment

We has peer assessment a few days ago, and we got to evaluate peoples work in a bit more depth. We had to go around independently and write a sentence about about each others work. I had made a small cardboard mock up of my two pouches and how they would be placed inside the container. I did however made a mistake with the scale of the container so people were getting confused as to why the box was so big some of the feedback I received was:

– Have you consider the protective material that will help support it in transit?

Yes I have. I didn’t know how to represent the material at a smaller scale but at the moment I ham thinking of either using air pillows or foam peanuts. Im am still thinking about the cons and pros of both and thinking about how practical this would be for the company.

– How would the container box be carried?

I haven’t thought too much about this yet but is something i need to consider. I am thinking about maybe making handles cut outs in the sides of the box so people can carry it more easily. I feel that this would also be easier to recycle rather then using a separate material for the handle. 

– What is the second use? Can this have more then one use?

At the moment there isn’t really a second use, its more about being able to reuse the packing more the once and therefore would be reducing the amount of packaging they use. 

– Does the container double up as a paint tray?

It wasn’t part of the idea to use it for that function, but it might be something to consider as it would make it easier for the consumer to use.

– Is there a way of making the lid of the box more secure?

This particular box has a tab flap that makes it slightly more secure. I’m thinking about maybe having a wrap around the outside of the box but I think that this may just be using unnecessary material that isn’t needed. 

2013-12-07 17.49.06

box model i took to first assessment

2013-12-07 17.47.06

mock ups of pouches


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