Composition of pouch elements


I drew out a variety of different compositions that I thought might be practical for the being the basis of the individual container. I wanted to make sure that i included a spout, handle, a flat base and to ensure it was placed on a container that could be made out of my chosen material; aluminium. As aluminium pouches are very flexible, it would not be too hard to create or manufacture the desired shape.

I’m going to use the layout in the top right corner. This is because I feel that the design would would both independently on a shelf in a retail store and also will be practical to package two together as required by Pots of Paints.

I also think that the handle and spout positioning will make it easier for it to be transported and carried around, and also to make it easier for the consumer to pour into a tray. The flat bottom would also increase the stability of the container when stored as well as the packaging itself collapses making it easier to store whilst its not in use.  


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