Initial Labelling Ideas


I was drawn to this image of the bow/ wrap around the image. I feel that it gives it more of a ‘gift like’ appearance and the intricate detail gives it a touch of class

I then looked back to my mood board that i crated at the beginning of the module, and found some patterns and images that I felt could work well with the existing branding and artwork supplied by Edward Bulmer, but would also give a royal or class to the product such as the pattern shown below.

vector floral pattern

I then moved on to looking at more dainty images that could help represent the natural elements of the design. Peter also said at the client meeting that he was up for ideas that were a little bit different or that challenged the layout or conventions of the original designs. This came with the challenge of not making the brand unrecognisable.

Abstract floral pattern. Seamless pattern with flowers and butte

Flower pattern I want to use in some of my design ideas/ mock ups for labels


I found this pattern which related closely to the colours of the existing logo and website and also incorporated the pattern that i wanted to use


I also thought about the other aspects of the Bulmer company such as the wallpaper business and thought this would like in nicely with that aspect of the business


I took inspiration from the slightly opaque circle in this design. I think it looks really simple but effective


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