Final Peer Assessment

Today we were put into groups were we had to give a grade to each student using the marking criteria.  This would allow us to see how much work we felt we needed to do, what aspects of the design we hadn’t really explained and what we needed to consider a bit more about the design.

( See post below for mock up that I took with me)


I thought that I had done a lot of research of a broad spectrum of materials and existing companies, including their visual properties, aesthetics, ergonomics, manual handling and company principles. I felt that this has helped me a lot in understanding the changes that some companies have made to more greener packaging wether the incentive is to help the environment or to gain a more trusted reputation for their company, they are still making a decision that started the trend of more eco friendly products.

Generating Ideas:

My idea generation at this point has been okay. I feel that I need to explain  how i got from one idea to the next, and also need to scan in all my pages of designs. This is why I think they graded this section of my work at a low grade, because there was no evidence on my blog about the development of  my ideas.

Composition and form:

As Edward Bulmer has a very high class audience, it was important to consider the composition and form to make sure that it retained this feel. We were given requirements to keep the logo and text that they already have, although they were open to using new elements to enhance their new eco friendly products. I think that currently the design with the band works really well, but i think i need to develop the aspects and think about the practicalities of the where certain elements are going to go as this will make it easier for the company to produce.


Obviously for a brief like this it was necessary to consider a range of materials to find not only the material most appropriate for the job, but also considering cost, its environmental impact and its product lifecycle. The group said that I had done a lot of research into materials and weighing up their pros and cons, which they said gave them good understanding of why i picked some of the materials that I did.


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