Christmas Present Packaging

I decided to take advantage of the Christmas festivities, and have a look at all the different types of container packaging that presents and gifts got delivered in and evaluated the pro’s and con’s as I would now be taking the role of the consumer.

Moulded Pulp:

This materials was used most frequently in high end quality products. This was protecting a alarm clock which was sandwiched between two layers of this and placed in a cardboard box. The materials worked well and the product was undamaged and was very secure.

How did we dispose of it?

We knew at home this this could go in the home recycling (paper) as it is paper based. This was easy enough to just put in our recycling box.

2013-12-28 13.20.09

Moulded Pulp

Foam Peanuts:

This box was full of foam peanuts and was used to transport glass bottles in. The object could be placed centrally inside the box and could be surrounded by the peanuts which would help give a fuller protective layer. As glass is very fragile, if was a suitable solution for the product.

How did we dispose if it?

We were unsure of how to dispose of these as we didn’t know if their should go into the general waste of could be recycled. I only knew about bio degradable peanuts being able to be disposed of in water due to the research I have undergone in this module. The green colouring gave the impression that these were eco friendly and in fact when i tried to add water to them they didn’t dissolve so where made from foam and there for had to be disposed in the general waste. There is no other indication on the box as to what to do with them.

2013-12-28 13.22.56

foam peanuts

Air Cushions:

There was a wide variety of these air cushions used in a variety of products from toys to beauty and hair products. I think that they are easy to adjust to fit your own needs, for example because of the different shapes and sizes, its easy for companies to pick which suits them then best. They can also accommodate different size packages which makes them very versatile.

How did we dispose of them?

The Pregis cushion is made from (PE-LD LPE) and instructs the user to ‘dispose of properly or reuse’. The would need to be thrown away in the general waste probably as these types of plastics are harder/ less widely available to recycle.

The Cell-o Green air cushion is 100% recyclable and is made form a min. of 20% rHDPE. this can be deflated and placed in the recycling or reusable.

The Opus Bio air cushions  can be reused, recycled in the appropriate waste stream, or recycled through composting. They also bio degrade in approximately 18- 24 months.

2013-12-28 13.22.01-2

variation is sizes of air cushions

2013-12-28 13.21.44

100% recyclable air cushion

2013-12-28 13.21.26

image and icons on the air cushion

Bubble wrap:

This bubble wrap was used to protect a china ornament. However the gift did arrive to us chipped and paint was flaking off so there was some damage caused, however this may have been damaged before transition.

How did we dispose of this?

We were unsure how to recycle bubble wrap, but it turns out that its made from Polythene which is widely recycled and so were able to dispose of this in the recycling.

2013-12-28 13.58.28


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