Information on Leaflet

I  have decided to add a leaflet into the packaging of the paint, as i feel that this will give the consumer more of a idea about how the design of the product is more environmental friendly :

Edward Bulmer’s Pots of Paints have had a new environmentally friendly make over, to reduce both our impact and your impact on the environment. Your new paints have be designed with their ecological impact in mind.

Paint Container – Is now made of the infinite resource aluminium, meaning it can be used over and over again. In fact, 75% of all aluminium ever produced is still in use today

Sleeve – Has been produced using 100% recycled cardboard, meaning its already in its second life!

Leaflet – 100% recycled paper. Were losing the rainforest at a faster rate then ever before so were trying to do our bit to use as less of it as we can

Air Pillows – Your paint has been protected by these 100% biodegradable air cushions that can be recycled, re used or throw into a compost

Alternatively, if you tear off the address on the back of the sleeve and place it on the front of the box with all the contents inside, you can  post it back to Pots of Paints for it to be used all over again and we will give you £20 off your next Pots of Paint purchase! Looking after you and the environment!


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