Issues with Return

My initial idea would be to Return the packaging free post to the company in Germany. Whilst researching this I realised that currently there is a large decrease in the amount of Post Offices available round the UK ( below are some articles showing the effects.

royal mail

i also found out that the costing of sending the parcel to germany would be around £5 which probably wouldn’t viable or economically friendly due to the distance it has to travel



Companies now have free click and collect system where you drop packages off at a location station nationally for free, and someone will pick it up and return it to the original company. This overcomes the issue of there not being a suitable Post Office to return the package too. Then we realised that they only send nationally and so we would be able to return the package to Germany. Then I considered sending it back to the company in Herefordshire but i realised that they wouldn’t be able to do anything with the pant containers and it wouldn’t be worth just sending the box and the air cushions back.

Change of direction…

 When I was weighing up the pro’s and con’s of using delivery, I wondered what other options or elements that i could add or change to the system to make it more functional and easy for the consumer to make a difference.

I was thinking about alternative ways people could still help the environment even if they don’t send their packaging back  and was influenced by the back of a Rice Crispies box that stated that ” simply visit and ‘share’ the story and they will donate a bowl of cereal to a child. I then started to think about how this system could be adapted to Pots of Paints.

2014-01-05 16.04.28

Woodland Trust 


It costs £3 to plant a new tree somewhere, and I think that people would like to know that they have helped out in some other form, even if its only small. From an ethical point of view, people could like or click a button to help Pots of Paints donate a tree to the Woodland Trust. To be able to make sure that the system was not abused, people might be asked to put in their e mail address or purchase order in so that only people that have actually brought a Pots of Paints Product will be allowed to make a difference.

Companies that have set a Precedent: 

Rice Crispies :

The Body Shop supporting Human and Child Trafficking :

TOMS Shoes make a scheme called ‘One for One’:


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