Final design choices and reasoning

Aluminium pouch:

– 75% of the world aluminium is still in use ( high in abundance)

– part of a closed loop system means it can be re used multiple times and the quality never degrades

– collapses/ flat packs which saves space in when in storage

– easy to dispose of in house recycle ( widely recycled)

– re sealable screw on lid , more then one use

– pouches use less material then cans and tin as they are thinner making is lighter to transport

– aluminium is already a trusted material in paint transportation, helps maintain trust in product if bee used previously

– circular base allows it to stand up easily

– handles make it easier for customer to pour or hold

Eco Cushions: Opus Bio, bio degradable plastic

– can bio degrade in 28 days, or be recycled

– filled with air so can withstand high pressure

– can be ripped up into small square ( are filled in sheets) and so is compatible to different size packages

– can be blown up on site, save a LOT of space when not in use

– shrink to just 1% of their original size when deflated

Cardboard  container wrap, box and individual sleeve

– Cardboard is a strong and sturdy material that is already used as a container packaging globally

– can be recycled in household waste

– reused again for storage option

– will be printed on using eco friendly ink

Overall concepts:

– Easy to recycle at home – convenient

– customers given choices how they want to recycle ( there is a returnable option i have also considered if feasible for the company)

-only 3 different materials used which makes it easier to recycle

– customers are given a website link on leaflet, which links to a small independent site. when order number is typed in, the number of entries accumulated: for every 10 Points of paint will donate a tree to the Woodland Trust. This helps to encourage consumers to know that they have done something simple to help protect the environment

– overall look and visuals on the box give it a modern, high quality feel.

– Thats its important to inform the customer how they are helping the environment and how to recycle it ( keeping customers well informed)


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